The Route


The trip south was full of new and unusual experiences. Before the Black Hawks left for their tour, the young players had a crash-course on dining room etiquette in preparation for formal dinners with dignitaries in Ottawa and Toronto. On April 11th, 1951, the team set out from Sioux Lookout by train to undertake the long journey to Southern Ontario. The train took the team along the transcontinental railway line and, since its stop in Sioux Lookout was in the middle of the night, the boys and their chaperones had prepared by spending the previous night in a sleeper car ready for pickup when the train reached Sioux Lookout. Accompanying the players were the school principal, the mayor of Sioux Lookout, the Indian Agent (Swartmann), the coach, and team manager (Schade). They arrived in Toronto at Union Station in the early morning of April 12th.